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Advantages of Truvada Lawsuit

When the world health organization declared HIV an international disaster, there have been on medications that have been invented to treat the condition. The use of the drug Truvada as one of the managements have been widely used in HIV treatment. With time people discovered that the drug had side effects on the users. The patients suffered from the side effects of reduced bone density a kidney failure. Through the lawsuit that was made it made it possible for the persons affected by this to undergo the procedure in search for their justice. There are some benefits from this procedure.

It was one way to help protect other patients from going through the same harmful path. The manufacturers were responsible for providing drugs only claiming of their treatment effects but they did not talk of the possible side effects. It is the right of the patient to know how a certain drug could affect them in a good way and in the harmful outcome before they agree on using it. They should be well educated on the outcomes of the drug in a clear way. The Truvada manufactures did not take the responsibility of making people aware of its side effects of which is defying of the patients’ rights.

Through the use of the lawsuit it complaints the production of a healthy and better alternative to the use of this drug. The side effects of a drug should not be as bad as the condition they are used to manage. A drug is supposed to be of more help than damage. It is more harmful to a patient to use the Truvada drug and hence is seen as unsafe for use. kidney failure is a more debilitating condition and acquiring it from another drug use which is used for as treatment is more ridiculous.

It is a way to claim compensation for the harm that has been caused to the patient. A patient who has used the Truvada drug and ended up with the complications should file a lawsuit against the company for compensation. The patient should be compensated for the time, bills, and loss of work that they experience due to the use of the drug. They undergo a lot of pain and suffering and should be paid to buy the company.

It is easier for the victims to claim their justice as they are not charged by the Truvada attorneys. It also helps them to acquire better treatment on the complications they have already acquired by the help of finances from the compensation. Some of the families of the victims also are beneficiaries of the compensations.

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