How to Care for Your Jewelry

After an individual has built up a large collection of jewelry, they need to know how to properly care for it, so damages do not occur. Jewelry care is essential for protecting a person’s investment and ensuring they will be able to wear their beautiful jewelry for many years to come. With these helpful tips for jewelry care, keeping jewelry clean and properly maintained will not be so difficult.

How to Properly Care for Jewelry Pieces

Before a person sets out to clean and care for their jewelry, they need to know what type of jewelry they are dealing with. Costume jewelry cannot be cleaned the same way as natural metals and gemstones. Most jewelry does not require any major care, but it should always be removed during swimming, contact sports, and when using styling products, as these can all potentially cause damage.

  • Gold jewelry should always be cleaned with a mild detergent. Place the jewelry in a bowl with some warm water and mild detergent and allow it to soak for about thirty minutes. Once the piece has had time to soak, simply use a soft toothbrush to clean all of the crevices and make the piece sparkle again.
  • Silver can easily tarnish, especially if it is not worn on a regular basis. When an individual wears their silver jewelry frequently, the oils from their skin protect the silver from tarnish. If tarnishing does begin to occur, a jewelry polishing cloth will help to bring back the shine.
  • Brass jewelry is naturally going to darken the more it is worn. This darkening is called patina and it can be removed. Using a special jewelry cleaner that is made specifically for brass is important for removing the dark coloration and bringing out the shine.
  • Pearls and opals are both soft and can easily become damaged. They should not be exposed to water or cosmetics and should only be buffed with a cleansing cloth that is made specifically for softer jewelry.

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