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Many women go to an office or place of business several days a week, and then on the other days, they are out and about doing everything from errands to social events. Understanding how to coordinate an outfit each day with the perfect jewelry can be surprisingly tricky. Too much will overpower the outfit. On the other hand, too little jewelry isn’t enough to make an impact and pull the style together. Below are some tips to ensure that a look is always on point.

Layer Accessories

In order to obtain a carefree, trendy look, layer necklaces, bangles, and rings. Try experimenting with different shapes, metals, lengths, and textures. When wearing necklaces of different lengths this draws attention to the face. Then, by stacking rings and bracelets, a dimension is added to the look.

Avoid Overload

While layering is good, there is no need to add too much. When layering multiple necklaces and wearing a large statement piece, avoid overloading the wrists or hands with other jewelry. When in doubt, keep it simple.

Don’t Forget Earrings

It is easy to walk out of the house without earrings, especially if the same small studs are the usual go-to item. However, earrings are an easy way to style an outfit, especially if the person isn’t comfortable with several necklaces or bracelets. Tassels and oversized earrings with gemstones are currently popular and will compliment pretty much any outfit.

Pick a Focal Point

It is important to figure out if the impact will be made with clothing or jewelry. Generally, one doesn’t need to take both over the top. Instead, let one compliment the other. For example, when wearing a simple black dress, choose statement earrings to go with it. Then, if wearing a boldly printed jumpsuit, consider more understated jewelry to let the bold print speak for itself.

Include Sentimental Pieces

Besides the fun stuff, many people have a few sentimental pieces made of real silver, gold, or gemstones. It can be challenging to incorporate these meaningful items into a daily wardrobe. Some people reserve these for special occasions, but it is ideal to consider these pieces in the overall look for an elegant touch.

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