Pearls are basically divided into four grades: A, AA, AAA, and AAA+ quality. AAA and AAA+ quality are the highest quality and it this range only few pearls are found and due to it’s rare in nature they are very much costly as compare too another pearls.

When you shop for an Akoya pearl necklace you need to have an idea of what you want. Are you looking for a single strand or a double strand? How large due you want the pearls to be? They can range in size from 2 mm to 10 mm which is quite a difference.

AA quality pearls have medium luster as compare to AAA and AAA+ and slight to medium surface imperfection. This quality pearls is really very good for every one who has interest to buy pearls jewelry and it is also found that AA quality pearls has more sell as compare to AAA and AAA+ because of it’s cheap price.