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A Guide on How to Buy Cannabis in California Today
California was the very first American state to legalize the use of medical marijuana in the year 1996 and it took it a little while before going ahead to legalize the product for recreational purposes as well. Legalization of weed for recreational use in California only came in 2016 after the citizens voted for the Proposition 64 which allowed the state to take the bold step. There are however some crucial things that anyone intending to buy marijuana in California should understand and know before doing so for reactional use as give in this article.

Just like anyone would expect, there is a legal age when it comes to the purchase and use of weed in California and it is 21 years of age. Anyone below 21 years cannot buy, vape or smoke marijuana in addition to consuming any such product. It does not matter whether it is on private property but buying weed for anyone below the legal age is a criminal offense in California.

The quantity in one’s possession is another aspect of consideration for anyone buying marijuana in California as an individual is only allowed to possess a certain amount of it at a time. Legalizing the use of weed does not mean that people buy as much as they want and in the process of preventing people from stocking up on it, the state restricts the amount the one can have in their possession. Anyone that chooses to buy marijuana in California must understand that it is only legal to have 28.5grams of the product at a time which equals to about one ounce. There are also some people that prefer concentrated cannabis and they have a limit of 8g according to the law.

The use of marijuana in California’s [public places is illegal and one should only use it when they are on private property. One can also not use marijuana in bars and restaurants in addition to federal lands such as national parks and places which include Ocean Beach and Alcatraz Island as it is banned to do so. Other tips include not driving after using marijuana, not leaving the state with possession of the same and also making purchases from reputable dealers and also using it in private properties that allow the same as well.